Dear Mainstream Media

When it comes to police brutality, it is NEVER reported equally.  Many times, if the suspect is black, we know more about his past crimes than the crime they were being assaulted or killed for.  How often does the mainstream

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Message to Black Lives Matter

When it comes to black lives matter – you have some people who hate it, some people who love it, and some people like Sheriff David Clarke Jr. who think it’s unnecessary.  According to the Sheriff, there is no such

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Dear Democrats

Calling Out “ALL” Hip Hop Artists and Celebrities The 2008 election seemed like it was the year of the socially conscious celebrity, especially in the Hip Hop industry.  But like everything else in the industry – it was a fad,

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Dear America

Undoubtedly America has had its fair share of con men. From William Rockefeller Sr., to Charles Ponzi, to Bernie Madoff, and now arguably the one man I consider to be the master of deception, misdirection, and Grand Puba of the

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Who is Marc Hustle?

I am an Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Business Development Strategist, Author, Leader, and many other things. I am not a quitter, a procrastinator, or average worker. My goal is to help bring prosperity to peoples’ lives by providing them a resources to create their own lifestyle.